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Omacan youth in dress clothes
Omacan youth in dress clothes


OMACAN is celebrating an amazing milestone: 10 years of changing lives! Help us meet our 10th anniversary goals so that we can do more good in the lives of street children.

Our Individual
Donors Goal:

$100,000 Total

Our Corporate
Donors Goal:

 $100,000 Total

Help us make a difference. Help us change the world.


OMACAN was founded on the belief that ONE can make a difference in the world.

One person, one woman, one man, one child, one youth, one teacher, one engineer, one doctor, one mother, one grandparent…

A group of eight ordinary people, difference makers in their own communities, were guided by their Christian faith to come together to make a difference in Africa.

This chance encounter early in 2013 resulted in the formation of OMACAN as a group of good Samaritans: seven Canadians and one American who were crazy enough to believe they could change the world, even if for just ONE.

Our eldest co-founder is now 97 and our youngest now 61.

On August 10, 2017, OMACAN became a Canadian Non-Profit Corporation, and in June, 2018, OMACAN was awarded Registered Canadian Charity status after a very rigorous process by Canada Revenue Agency.

Kakooza in school uniform in Uganda


The Number of Meals that the Price of a 20 Ounce Cup of Coffee Can Provide for a Child in Need


Villagers Helped This Year with OMACAN's Pieces of Our Heart Food Basins


Number of Nourishing Meals Provided and Delivered by Omacan in 2022



Since 2017, OMACAN has been helping street children and the extreme poor of Uganda’s Masaka District. Ongoing donations, either monthly or annually, provide the funding needed for OMACAN House, our school programs, skill training programs, food, supplies, and the tools we use to make a difference, build connections, and create better lives for Ugandan street children.


Make a difference in the lives of street children and the extreme poor in the Nyendo slums by purchasing food items that become nourishing meals. Items like chickens, nambale beans, onions, and matooke are delivered right to OMACAN House and our partner organizations in Masaka District to provide the fiber, vitamins, proteins, and other essential nutrients to those who need it most.


Education is one of the best ways that donors can help secure the future for underprivileged children. Sponsor a street child at multiple levels of schooling, from primary school to university and trade-skill apprenticeships. Through boarding school programs, the OMACAN House classroom, and long-established partnership organizations, street kids can become school kids with the care, support, and supplies needed to educate bright, young minds.


Generous donors can open the door to an opportunity for street children to become successful in their own local business. OMACAN’s educational micro-business incubator pilot projects teach older children the financial literacy, banking, sales, marketing, and other business/production skills necessary to create their own businesses and change their lives.


Become part of the OMACAN family right here in Uganda. During a five-day stay, you can work side-by-side with street kids at OMACAN House as part of our volunteer program. See the world, change the world, and make a difference in Masaka, Uganda, with OMACAN!


Spread the love, joy, and hope of OMACAN and our work through purchasing any of our promotional merchandise! The net proceeds go directly to support our projects and programs, transforming the lives of Ugandan children. With shirts, coffee cups, mouse pads, and more, there are plenty of ways to show that you’re one of many making a difference!


Go beyond sponsoring a child – work directly with a Ugandan street kid as a mentor in business, art, culture, language, technology, and more. With plenty of projects and eager children ready to learn, you can help mentor a child in person or virtually through OMACAN.


In 2018, OMACAN moved its operations to a new privately-secured property. This is OMACAN House, our leased property that houses former street children under OMACAN’s care with official care orders from the Ugandan courts. The residents are all pursuing advancement of their education in either primary or secondary school, apprenticeship programs, or with OMACAN’s education based micro-business incubator.

OMACAN House also contains our offices, rooms for visiting volunteers, our micro-business incubator education lab for our sustainability, and a multi-purpose classroom for older street children’s skills education. OMACAN house is also home to our carpentry workshop where we offer woodworking apprenticeships for street children to learn this trade with our master carpenter.

school of hope logo


The Donna Watkinson School of Hope was named in memory and honour of one of our OMACAN co-founders whom God called home in April, 2016.

In 2017, our primary school opened in February and accepted 76 orphans of the extremely poor village of Kalagala and 25 Street children from the Nyendo Slum in Masaka, Uganda. The Nyendo slum is the second largest slum in Uganda and its most dangerous. 110 Children completed their school year in December 2017, our inaugural year.


These Foundations and Corporate Donors Provide OMACAN with Grants, Funds, Volunteers, and Services


Heartfelt Testimonials from Our Generous Supporters

I believe in the founders of Omacan and have complete trust in their mission in Uganda. There is clear communication about how my donations are used, and you can feel the gratitude and love. It’s so much more than kids getting an education, a home, and learning life skills. They are all so grateful and eager to go out in to the far reaches of their communities to give back. Donating to Omacan creates the most wonderful trickle down effect that fills your heart with joy.

Becky P.Donor

We decided to work with Omacan due to our relationship with Dave Welling. He taught us about Omacan, so we had full understanding of where our donation dollars were going. We knew we could trust that the money was being fully used for the charity. We have gotten close to Omacan through the years, believe in what Omacan does, and feel the need to continue to support. Learning about the people affected in this part of the world and their struggles has made us feel so grateful for our life here in Canada. It is a great charity doing great work.

Ralph M.Donor

I will definitely continue to support Omacan with regular donations. I have been very blessed in life and this is my opportunity to "Pay it Forward" to others who need help. I am also confident that every dollar donated to Omacan will go directly to providing help to people in need. Omacan has exposed me to the harsh realities that other people face in less privileged countries. Canada is an incredible place to live, but people in other countries are not so lucky…and this has reminded me of how important it is to dedicate your time and financial resources to helping organizations such as Omacan.

Jordan K.Donor

I have seen first hand the impact that my donation has made to the life of one very special boy named Shadrack. He came to Omacan as a homeless young boy who was quiet and cautious but I have seen him grow into a studious, committed, creative young man who has blossomed under the care of OMACAN. Being in a safe and loving place where they must go to school and are taught responsibility, doing their chores, being respectful and giving back…Know that your donation is going to a well-managed, caring and supportive organization. You are giving a second chance to someone who will turn this opportunity into great things for the world.

Lesley W.Donor

Dave Welling warned me that I would fall in love with Africa and the kids at Omacan. He was right. I have had the privilege of supporting Omacan for a number of years & visited for a few weeks just before COVID. I am passionate about education & making a positive difference. Omacan gives me the opportunity to do both. Despite the hardships that these kids have endured, they taught me the importance of a positive outlook and maintaining a trusting nature despite scars & adversity. To experience the difference you make is so powerful. Always remember, regardless of how you choose to give back - one can make a difference, and ripples become waves of change for our future generations.

Sonia D.Donor

I decided to donate to Omacan because I know the money goes directly to the people in need, rather than a lot of it going to administration costs. I believe in the work Dave and Omacan are doing. With your donation you will impact a child’s life who would otherwise have no hope.

Angelika D.Donor

I follow Omacan on social media and being able to see the impact of my donation provides me comfort that the money is being well used. As an example, donating the Christmas baskets, Omacan post-delivery pictures and videos on social media. It really is tied to the fact that my donation has an immediate impact on one or more people in Uganda. Because of mine and other donations, children are getting education, food, and shelter. It is just great to be able to see a direct impact, with so many other charitable organizations, you do not always see the positive impact. Your donation will count, it will be well utilized, and the impact of your donation will be immediately felt by one or more person. Your donation will have a positive impact on the world.

Justin S.Donor

Omacan is so dear to me and very close to my heart for personal reasons but more importantly for humanitarian reasons. Since the beginning, I have played a small part in comparison to Donna and to a wonderful person and friend, Dave Welling. The good and love Omacan has brought is insurmountable, and I will continue always support in my donations and encourage others to do so.

Michael S.Donor


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