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OMACAN Launches Broiler Chicken educational project based on micro-business incubator model for local agricultural businesses.

Today, OMACAN launched an innovative education model that allows OMACAN street children to learn from the best of local mentors in small agricultural specialties. In addition, OMACAN kids will learn business strategies and practices from OMACAN’s president,  a successful business executive. The project is launching with a broiler chicken project that has over 50 1-day old chicks. The project’s first student is Kabugo Abdul,

The student’s role is to build the required housing, acquire the necessary equipment (drinkers and feeders), and learn setup, feeding, health, and growth strategies as part of the production process. On the business side, they learn financial literacy of the business, sales, marketing, and collections.

At end of the lifecycle profits will be calculated and student will be allowed to advance to next expansion and learn the challenges of raising more chickens. The incubator is a safe, torture free way for these youth to learn these skills without being beaten for failure and without the family starving from failure which is often the norm.

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