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OMACAN launches Grasshopper Catching Education project based on its micro-business incubator lab model for local agricultural businesses.

Today, OMACAN launched an innovative education model that allows OMACAN street children to learn from the best of local mentors in small agricultural specialties. In addition, OMACAN kids will learn business strategies and practices from OMACAN’s president, a successful business executive.

The grasshopper-catching project is launching with its first student, Kabunga Ronald, and 10 barrels in Kitaka, Nyendo. He is learning the trade from his mentor, a woman who has spent her whole life in the grasshopper-catching business. This is a uniquely Ugandan business, a niche of the Masaka District. Twice a year during rainy seasons, the grasshoppers flood the night skies from breeding in the Lake Victoria basin swamps. Grasshopper-catching techniques and strategies have developed over decades, and Ugandans line up to eat the delicious source of protein.

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